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We specialize in all indoor cleaning services to help you keep your area rugs, carpets, upholstery, and commercial carpets looking their best. Our basic floor services along with our highly trained and experienced team will leave your home smelling fresh and looking great.

Along with our carpet cleaning, area rug, upholstery cleaning, and curtain cleaning, we also offer green seal solutions that help to remove any pet odor, allergy, and asthma relief for those who live in the home. Our products are meant to be used on even the most sensitive environments keeping you safe and your pets safer. When it comes to cleaning your carpets, you might notice that after a few times the result of your carpet might not be as great as it was on the first visit. This is because carpet cleaning needs to be done with effective long term cleaning methods. Your professional carpet cleaner of choice should leave behind zero residue each time, which typically involves removing permanent stains or spot cleaning carpets on each visit. This will ensure that your carpet life is extended leaving amazing look, fresh carpets every time. Hiring a licensed and carpet cleaning company should be the priority for long term consistency. Book your carpet cleaning today or call for a free quote.

If you have ever been through the carpet maintenance process you know how rigorous it can be to try to keep your carpets clean. Sadly, just your typical everyday vacuuming won’t keep the carpets clean over time. We understand that to deal with carpets properly you must have the right tools in place. With our professional grade machinery and expert knowledge, we can get the job done in no time. We can leave your tired looking worn out carpets looking fresh and renewed with that amazing new carpet smell. If you have ever considered renting machinery to do the job yourself and save a few dollars it can be good for a short-term fix. When it comes to the long-term health of your carpets these rented brush machines can really do more damage than good. Many of the rentals available for carpet cleaning simply don’t have the right strength or tools to get the job done right. To get hard stains and soiled stains out of your carpet for good you must have the right products to match your machinery. Every carpet type has different ways of being treaded. So, someone with nylon carpeting would need to take different steps then say someone with wool carpeting. Just the same as you wouldn’t wash your silk clothing the same as cotton. Many times, when using these machines to wash your own carpets then short-term results will look satisfying to the eye but after a short period of time stains start to lift back up from the carpets. The DIY carpet cleaners simply do not have the suction power or brush power to deep clean carpets like us the professions can. So in the end is better to get a powerful carpet cleaning from a certified professional carpet cleaner near you.

Quick turn around

Many carpet professionals use outdated equipment. Our state-of-the-art machinery is some of the newest technology available which keeps our process of carpet cleaning quick. Our dry time is 20% faster and keep carpets from building up mold.

Reliable Technology

Instead of hauling old machinery around we are always equipped with the best machinery on the market. This makes our process highly effective in removing all dirty, soils, and odor from your carpets, leaving you with the best results.

Unique Carpet cleaning

Even if all carpets might look or feel similar there are hundreds of different textures and materials that carpets can come in. So having experts who can identify your type of carpet makes sure you get the best results on your carpets, without damaging its fibers.

Pet friendly and eco-friendly carpet cleaners

In this industry we can come across many dangerous chemicals that can harm your family’s pets. We take pride in only using pet friendly agents that will keep not only your pets safe in the carpet cleaning process but also your whole family. Feel free to ask your carpet professional on your next cleaning visit for more information on our carried eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

What type of cleaning services do we provide?

We proudly serve several services for your convenience. Including

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Residential carpet cleaning:

If you are looking for high qualify professional carpet cleaning service at an affordable price we are the service for you.

Commercial carpet cleaning

When it comes to the office it is all about attention to detail. Do not allow stubborn odors to remain in your carpets and put off customers who come in. Get your professional commercial carpets cleaned the right way.

Upholstery Cleaning and conditioning:

Our upholstery experts will leave your furniture smelling fresh and looking new once again leaving them like the furniture you once bought and loved.

Area Rug cleaning

Our team of rug cleaning professionals can the skills and knowledge to get your oriental rugs back to looking like new again.  

Specialty Stain Removal

Water damage restoration

Stain and Pet Odor Removal

If your home has pets than we know how difficult it can be to rid your home of stubborn pet odor. Our process will remove and neutralize any pet odor in the home.

Curtain and drapes cleaning:

Our drapery cleaning services can leave your curtains clean and fresh as the day you first put them on

You can trust our experts.

Our Residential carpet cleaning process:

  1. We start with a walk through of the residency to identify the type and condition of the carpet. We identify stains that could require extra attention.
  2. Using a commercial vacuum, we remove all dry and loose soil on surfaces of carpet.
  3. We then apply our eco-friendly cleaning products to work on high traffic areas preparing for initial scrubbing.
  4. We work with a powerful counter rotating brush machine to work out any stains and gung deep inside ethe carpets. This machine is highly effective in all problem areas and makes for an easier extraction time.
  5. We suction the excess water and dirt from the carpets with a certified rinsing agent. This agent removes odors, allergens, and any remaining dirt from carpets. 
  6. We use our top-rated commercial air dryers to dry the carpets in a timely manner. Typical dry time for carpets after cleaning is 2-5 hours.
  7. In the end carpets are given their finishing touches by passing through our commercial brush leaving them looking refreshed and clean.
  8. Asking for approval. Before leaving a finished job, our experts have been trained to do a final walk through with the homeowner assuring that everything is to their satisfaction. Our job is not done until you are happy with the results. 

Why is our process effective?

Our process includes pet urine removal, stain removal, odor removal, conditioning, and upholstery cleaning. Our carpet cleaning process is combined with the best green sealed agents that guarantees a cleaner and safe home for the whole family. Also, all our carpet cleaners are licensed and accredited to get the job done right the first time.

Service areas for carpet cleaning:

carpet cleaning West Hollywood, ca

carpet cleaning Calabasas, ca

carpet cleaning Beverly hills, ca

carpet cleaning Norwalk, ca 

carpet cleaning Covina, ca

carpet cleaning Upland, ca

carpet cleaning Merced, ca

carpet cleaning Davis, ca

carpet cleaning Hayward, ca

carpet cleaning Sunnyvale, ca

carpet cleaning Hollister, ca

carpet cleaning Burbank, ca

carpet cleaning Oakland, ca

carpet cleaning Sonora, ca

carpet cleaning Hesperia, ca

carpet cleaning Menifee, ca 

carpet cleaning Torrance, ca 

carpet cleaning Hanford, ca 

carpet cleaning Richmond, ca

carpet cleaning Escondido, ca

carpet cleaning Van Nuys, ca

carpet cleaning in Anaheim, ca

carpet cleaning in Pittsburg, ca

carpet cleaning Longmeadow, ma

carpet cleaning Chesterfield, mo

carpet cleaning Chesterfield, mi

carpet cleaning Chesterfield, va

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